The story behind Infinity Paws

About Us

Why Infinity Paws?

As dog parents, we know how difficult it can be when you are separated. No matter whether you are traveling or it is a farewell forever.

In order to be able to carry a beautiful memory with us in these moments, we founded Infinity Paws.

With high-quality, personalized pieces of jewelry, we want to enable you to create everlasting memories of your beloved pet.

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world. And they're right."

Who is behind Infinity Paws?

When little Emil moved in with us (Katharina & Dominik) in 2018, almost everything changed. We could never have imagined that such a small ball of fur - who doesn't even speak the same language as us- could mean so much mutual love.

Emil, you are the reason we founded Infinity Paws, we love you.