Here's how it works

You can get your personalized piece of jewelry in just three steps. All you need is a photo of your pet's paw, nose or face. We take care of the rest

Foto hochladen

1. Take & upload photo

After you have selected your desired piece of jewelry, color and engraving, you can upload your photo directly to the product.

Either take the photo directly on your smartphone or upload an existing photo.

Your pet's paw, nose or face must be clearly visible in the photo, that's all.

You can also upload a photo of a print made with ink, plaster, snow, sand, or similar.

2. We engrave your piece of jewelry

After we have received your order, our experienced graphic designers will optimize and edit your photo for engraving.

It is then carefully engraved onto your selected piece of jewelry using a high-precision engraving device.

You can choose between these engravings:

Paw Outlined: A line around the paw is made and engraved.

Paw Infilled: In this variant we outline the paw and fill the entire paw during the engraving.

Paw Print: Here we engrave your pet's paw as a print on your piece of jewelry.

Nose Print: We engrave your pet's nose as a print on your piece of jewelry.

Face Lineart: We will create a lineart illustration of your pet's face for you and engrave it on your piece of jewelry.

Please note that not all engravings are possible on every piece of jewelry. You can find examples of the engravings on the respective products.

Erhalte dein Erinnerungsstück

3. Receive your personalized keepsake

Finally, we carry out quality assurance and lovingly pack your piece of jewelry by hand. Afterwards it is on its way to you from our studio in Vienna.

You will also automatically receive a tracking number with the shipping confirmation so that you can track your delivery.