Pet keepsakes – 5 ideas for personal keepsakes

Andenken an Haustiere – 5 Ideen für persönliche Erinnerungsstücke - Infinity Paws

Saying goodbye to your own beloved pet is a huge stroke of fate. Because it was never just an animal, but rather a loyal companion, family member and best friend. Life with a pet offers many moments that you will probably remember forever.

Coping with the grief of losing a beloved pet is easier when you have a keepsake to hold on to. So that your loved one can continue to be with you even after the painful farewell, we have put together five ideas for very special souvenirs for you.

1. Diamond from Ashes

This unique and high quality keepsake has become very popular in recent years. It allows you to keep the memory of your furry friend forever.

Through a special process, carbon is first removed from the ash before it is then pressed into a carat number of your choice. The diamond is also finally cut and polished before being set into a ring, necklace or other piece of jewelry of your choice.

Although this memento is significantly more expensive than other forms of memorabilia, placing a pet's ashes in a diamond is a memorable gesture that will last forever.

2. Paw print

A paw print is a classic and popular keepsake. Ink-free impression sets are available for this purpose, with which you can press your pet's paw onto a film, which then creates an imprint on the paper.

This way you get a great souvenir in a clean and uncomplicated way, which you can frame directly or even engrave on a piece of jewelry.

3. Photo frame

Personalized picture frames are also a wonderful way to keep the memory of your beloved four-legged friend alive. Whether it's an old family portrait or a snapshot from your smartphone, putting a picture of your late pet in a personalized frame is a beautiful way to remember them.

The photo frames come in many different sizes and styles, so you can find a frame to suit any environment. You can even add special sayings or symbols to the frame that remind you of your furry friend to make the frame have even more meaning.

4. Jewelry with engraving

A personalized piece of jewelry with a paw print or a lineart portrait is a great way to keep the memory of your beloved pet alive. It is not only a meaningful symbol of love and a beautiful accessory, but also a special reminder of the precious time you spent together.

The jewelry piece can be made from various materials such as sterling silver, gold, stainless steel, brass and more. If you also have the name of your four-legged family member engraved, the piece of jewelry will become even more individual.

These ornaments also make wonderful gifts for pet owners because they remind us that our pets are never truly gone. The keepsakes will stay with us forever.

5. Urn with ashes

Having an urn for your pet at home is a special way to honor your beloved companion and have them with you. An urn can serve as a place of remembrance, a reminder of the life and love you shared.

While ashes in a diamond are a unique and special keepsake, your pet's ashes in an urn are a more tangible form of memorial.

Pet urns come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. This means you can definitely find something that best reflects your four-legged friend's personality.

Some people choose to bury their pets, others prefer the simple urn in which the animal's ashes are stored. For many pet owners, it is a nice reminder that their loyal companion will never be forgotten.

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet that has passed away is never easy. Fortunately, there are several ways to honor the memory of the deceased and keep them in our hearts.

Whether you choose one of these five ideas or something completely different, always remember the special moments you shared with your four-legged family member, because these memories will last forever!

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